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Learn More about Our Soccer Academy in Sydney

Are you interested in enrolling your little one in a soccer academy in Sydney? Reach out to the professionals at Nick Rizzo International Football Academy. Designed around the vision of soccer star Nick Rizzo, the team at our academy works with children to enhance their soccer abilities.

Related Service We Provide as an International Soccer Academy in Sydney

We are proud to offer more than just a selection of programs at our soccer academy. Associated services that we offer our students include:

•  Support and encouragement: Regardless of whether your little one is just starting on the soccer field or they have been playing years, we believe that it’s essential to provide your children with the reassurance they need to become fantastic soccer players. We take the time to understand how your child learns to ensure that they get the most out of their time at our academy.

•  Easy registration: Our team understands that you have a busy schedule and do not want to waste time filling out a lengthy registration form. Enrolling your child is simple. Just click on the program that you want and input your name, e-mail address, and your child’s name and age. A member of our team will reach out to you with more details to finalise a spot in the class.

•  Convenient location: Our academy is located on Marion Street in Leichhardt between Foster and Ramsay Street and easily accessible.

Benefits of Our Australasian Soccer Academy in Sydney

If you are still on the fence about registering your child for one of the programs at our academy, here are a few reasons why we believe our school is an excellent choice:

•  Excellent for children of all ages: We believe that soccer is the type of sport that children of all ages should try. Our academy offers training programs that are suitable for kids as young as five to young adults up to 20 years of age. Our academy provides your child with the opportunity to not only develop his or her soccer skills but socialise with other children of their age.

•  First-hand soccer experience: Nick Rizzo developed his soccer academy based on his experience playing professional soccer. He has played on teams around the world, including Australia, England and Italy. Your child will learn from Nick and his team of instructors who will help them build a solid soccer foundation.

•  Exercise: There is no better way for your child to get exercise than to run around on a soccer field. If you are concerned that your child is sitting in front of a computer or tablet too much, enrolling them in our soccer academy is an ideal way to get them active.

About Nick Rizzo International Football Academy

The Nick Rizzo, International Football Academy, dedicates all our efforts to provide your child with the tools that he or she needs to be an excellent soccer player. We take a hands-on approach to our teaching methods to ensure that every child receives the best experience during the course of their program. 

Reach out to us today to find out why we are the best soccer academy in Sydney.