Soccer Academy

Develop Your Skills at Our Soccer Academy

With our soccer academy, your child can improve their football technique.

We operate a fun and professional soccer academy for children of all skill levels and ages. Our coaches help children to develop their technical ball skills through enjoyable yet intense training sessions that will encourage each player to fulfil their sporting potential. Our program is available on a four-term basis throughout the year.

The Importance of Soccer Holiday Camps

Attending a dedicated sports training program is important to help your child develop:

•  Technique: Our coaches help to improve your child’s soccer technique which includes ball control, dribbling skills, passing accurately and body control. We encourage your child to master these football skills through specific drills that are fun and challenging. Developing perfect technique through soccer exercises ensures that each player can confidently maintain ball control when under pressure during a game.

•  Game intelligence: A soccer clinic will help your child to develop the ability to make smart and quick decisions on the pitch. Our coaches are adept at game intelligence and will help your child to play a clean game, minimise energy expenditure and maximise results. Game intelligence includes developing spatial awareness, tactical knowledge and risk assessment.

•  Physical fitness: Being physically fit is essential for a player to be successful at football and ensure that they can last the duration of a match. Having a regular training schedule will ensure that your child can improve or maintain their fitness with specific drills that target endurance, balance, coordination and speed.

What You Can Expect from Nick Rizzo International Football Academy Regarding Soccer Clinics

We provide a professional, friendly and fun environment for children of every skill level.

•  Training program for every age: We have training programs that cater to children of every skill level starting at under-six and up to under-sixteen.

•  Football development sessions: Our sessions are intense and fun to ensure that your child develops their technical skills and a desire to continue to learn and improve their game. Training clinics run throughout the school term and each session lasts for 90 minutes.

•  Guidance for playing professional football: Players that desire to progress to professional football and who demonstrate an extreme talent for the sport may have the possibility of trialling in Europe. Through his career as a professional footballer, Nick has various contacts in England and Italy that can help with transitioning into the professional football circuit.

Why Should Your Use Nick Rizzo International Football Academy?

Our football academy was developed by professional football player Nick Rizzo who spent 13 years playing in England and Europe and representing Australia in international football games. Your child will have access to Nick’s vast football knowledge and experience. We help children to improve all aspects of their football skills and sportsmanship in a professional and fun environment. We encourage children to foster a love for the sport and the will to work hard. Contact us to book your place in our training program.