Peak Football Academy

Attaining Your Peak with a Football Academy Instructor’s Assistance

Could your child benefit from attending a peak football academy? Whether you have a little one who already shows a passion for kicking a ball around, or you have a teenager eager to demonstrate they have what it takes to succeed, raw talent requires refinement. Unfortunately, that refinement doesn’t always come from basic experience — sometimes, it takes a challenge to help a player reach their peak ability. No one knows that better than the eponymous founder of the Nick Rizzo International Football Academy.

Nick Rizzo’s 13 years as a professional footballer began in part due to the attention and advice of experienced pro players, which ultimately led him to play at every level. From U/8s to U/16 players, we offer intensive training programs aimed to help develop fundamental technical skills.

Problems That a Professional Football Academy Can Help to Address

No one’s game is perfect, not even at the professional level. We all make mistakes, but sometimes it’s easy to fall into patterns where we continually make the same mistakes with our game. Plugging these holes allows players to grow and develop in their position, ultimately gaining more confidence. Some of the problems that our training may address include:

      • Irregular and off-target passes. These issues are often basic form errors that we can help to correct.

      • Difficulty judging power or properly handling the ball in high-pressure situations.

      • Poor “in the moment” decision-making, perhaps due to limited field vision. Our training can help to improve situational awareness on the field while enhancing a player’s confidence in their ability to decide quickly what to do with the ball.

Our four-term, forty-week program ensures your child spends plenty of time face to face with a professional instructor. That’s more than enough time to identify issues, suggest changes, and drill those changes through practice on the way to peak performance.

The Benefits of Professional Football Training Led by a Former Professional Footballer

Aside from improving the weaker aspects of an individual’s game, what are some of the other perks of working with a former pro such as Nick Rizzo to improve football skills? There are many other advantages, such as:

      •  Advice and insight into what it’s really like to be a pro player. Many have dreams of turning pro, but few have a real sense of what’s involved — including how to take care of your body.

      •  Building confidence through work with an experienced individual. Participants always come away with the sense that they deserve to be there.

      •  Tapping into connections abroad for potential trial runs with bigger clubs for those students with an aptitude for the sport.

Why Nick Rizzo International Football Academy is a Cost-Effective Option

For players as young as six and for those pushing their limits in the U/16 group, it’s hard to overstate the value of a pro’s insight into their game. With enrolment fees providing access to a training regimen that lasts for most of the year, players enjoy an experience more enriching and valuable than just playing regular amateur games. Learn more about what we can offer today when you contact us online.