Kids Soccer Academy

Sydney’s Premier Kids Soccer Academy with Pro Player Nick Rizzo

For young, passionate footballers, attending a kids soccer academy is a way to help them explore their potential in the sport. The Nick Rizzo International Football Academy is Sydney’s premier soccer academy created to train young players to improve their football skills and sportsmanship.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding a Kid’s Football Academy

When considering a training program for your child, keep these common mistakes in mind as you look at academies.

•  Overemphasis on Competition – While some kids who attend a kid’s football academy have high ambitions and talent for the future, some many academies and camps place too much emphasis on competition and winning. A winning team doesn’t make a good player, and the critical factor for kids is that they learn fundamental technical skills and have fun working with their teammates.

•  Excessively Intense – In a similar vein, beware of any kid’s football camp or academy that is overly intense with long, gruelling training sessions that leave children drained physically and emotionally. It might seem that intensive training will build strong players but remember that these are adolescents who are growing and benefit from support not punishment.

•  Too Lax In the opposite end of the spectrum, be wary of a kid’s football academy that is too lax. If the coaches seem disorganised or uninspiring, then it may not be worthwhile as they will not build fundamental skills to play the game well.

The Nick Rizzo International Football Academy is a happy medium that provides targeted training in a fun, motivating atmosphere that fosters growth.

Tips Regarding Kids Soccer Camp

Having ruled out what to avoid in a soccer academy, here are tips on what you should look for in a kids soccer camp.

•  Find a kids soccer camp that your child is excited to attend. If your son or daughter is dreading going to the practices, they will lose motivation, and that will reflect in their overall morale and their ability to grow as a player.

•  Look for a program with a history of training players who continue to play professionally. Nick Rizzo has trained players who are beginning successful careers in professional football such as graduate Ryan Teague of Sydney FC first team and Sam Silvera now with the Central Coast Mariners.

•  Technical training—not high intensity or winning teams—make for talented footballers. Our kid’s football camp focuses on developing technical skills or “having the ball at your feet” to train young players to master the fundamentals and reach their full potential in the game.

What Your Kid Stands to Gain from Nick Rizzo International Football Academy

For players with promise and the ambition to pursue a career as a professional footballer, there is the possibility to trial in Europe through Nick’s contacts from his years playing in England and Italy. All kids enrolled in our training sessions will learn an understanding of the football fundamentals, and a more in-depth understanding of the game. Be sure to contact us with any questions about our kid’s soccer academy and your child’s enrolment.