Junior Soccer Academy

A Junior Soccer Academy to Help Your Child Build Skills and Confidence

If your child has demonstrated an interest in soccer, a junior soccer academy may be a smart move. At Nick Rizzo International Football Academy, we work with young players of all skill levels to help them develop their abilities and explore the exciting world of organised soccer.

Benefits of Junior Soccer Camp

Sports offer a wide range of positive benefits for kids of all ages. Participating in a team sport fosters character growth as well as emotional and physical well-being. Here are a few of the specific advantages of participating in a team sport such as football.

•  Physical health. Like any sport, football increases your physical activity and helps build fitness and agility. This sport uses the entire body, improving muscle development, bone density, and more through sprinting, kicking, and jumping.

•  Confidence and self-esteem. Soccer is an excellent way for your child to enhance their self-image and build their confidence on and off the field. As your child participates in a team sport such as football, they may be less likely to engage in risky behaviours and more likely to feel good about themselves, their skills, and their progress.

•  Leadership skills. Participating in a kids’ sports activity not only teaches children to take direction and follow commands, but it also allows them to practise leadership themselves. Players must decide intuitively on the best course of action during games, learning to trust themselves and have confidence in their ability to take the initiative.

What You Can Expect from Nick Rizzo International Football Academy Regarding Junior Soccer Camp

When you choose our training program for your child, they will benefit from intensive coaching sessions in 40 weeks. Here are a few things you can expect while your child is training with us.

•  Age-appropriate training. We offer a range of programs for kids of all ages and skill levels. Whether your child is a six-year-old beginner or an experienced 16-year-old player, we have a program that will challenge them and help them continue to grow as a player.

•  Emphasis on technical skills. Young soccer players in Australia experience a great deal of competitive pressure with a constant focus on winning. We emphasise the technical aspects of soccer, building a solid foundation of necessary skills on which your child can continue to develop.

•  A fun learning environment. We believe that all the best training in the world is for naught if your child doesn’t enjoy the sport. We strive to ensure that our programs are fun and that kids enjoy their time with us even as they push themselves to work their hardest.

About Nick Rizzo International Football Academy

Nick Rizzo International Football Academy aims to train and nurture young players who show dedication to improving all aspects of their sportsmanship and technical skills. We cater to all skill levels in a friendly, professional environment where practices are tough – but fun. Nick Rizzo, a long-time professional football player with Liverpool FC, Wimbledon FC, Crystal Palace FC, Ternana and Perth Glory leads all our training. Contact us today to find the right training program for your young player.