International Soccer Academy

Get Professional Football Training at Our International Soccer Academy

For young players with the talent, drive and ambition to play professional football, our international soccer academy is the place to start. Nick Rizzo International Football Academy focuses on establishing and developing the key technical skills that allow athletes to succeed and thrive in competitive football.

Benefits of Our Professional Soccer Academy

What makes our professional soccer academy the right place for a young football player to master the tools of the trade? Here are a few benefits players get from participating in the training that we have to offer:

      •  Insight from a true football professional. There are many soccer camps and academies throughout Australia, but we are unique in that our owner and founder, Nick Rizzo, is a former professional football player who competed in the English Premier League (among several other leagues). Nick knows firsthand what it takes to compete at the highest level of the sport and has designed a professional soccer training program based around those key skills.

      •  Direct coaching from the owner. When you sign up for our academy, you can be confident that Nick will be involved directly with the coaching of your child. Some parents assume that our program is just Nick Rizzo ‘branded,’ and that Nick hires coaching staff to handle most of the day-to-day. While there are other coaches involved with our programs, Nick directly coaches each program we offer, from U/6s to U/16s.

      •  A balanced coaching approach. We pride ourselves on providing professional soccer training, but we understand that young athletes aren’t always ready for the intense levels of training and competition that take place at the professional level. Rather than push young kids too hard, we work with every program to strike the right balance for the age group at hand. Our goal, every time, is to pair effective, rigorous training with the fun of the sport. The result is that we have an excellent track record of athletes sticking with the sport and working with us for years.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Our International Soccer Academy

At Nick Rizzo International Football Academy, we dedicate ourselves to helping each young soccer player we work with reach their full potential. Here are a couple of pieces of advice we typically give you parents who are thinking about registering their kids for our programs:

      •  Don’t worry about current ability level. The phrase ‘professional football academy’ may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t mean that beginning or intermediate players won’t have a place here. Every soccer player’s journey starts somewhere, and we cater to players of all levels of abilities.

      •  Practice with your kids at home. Our intensive hour-and-a-half sessions will give your kids all the tools and techniques they need to succeed. However, the more they hone these skills outside of training, the better they will get. Practising the latest soccer skills at home with your kids will help them improve and is also a great bonding experience.

About Nick Rizzo International Football Academy

Nick retired from professional football in 2013, but the academy has been running since 2011. Throughout the last few years of his playing career, Nick fell in love with the idea of passing on his skills and knowledge to the next generation of players. His passion continues to drive our professional soccer academy to this day. Contact us to learn more.