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If your child is passionate about football, then finding the right football academy to hone their skills and guide their athletic journey is a must. There are many football programs available to young players in Australia, but not all of them offer the right mix of technical training, competition and fun necessary to foster player growth and a true love of the sport. At Nick Rizzo International Football Academy, we have put our focus on establishing this crucial balance, to great effect.

What You Can Expect from Nick Rizzo International Football Academy

What makes Nick Rizzo International Football Academy the right spot for your child to begin or continue their football journey? Here are a few things you can expect when you decide to join one of our programs and sign up for our football academy trials:

      •  An eye towards professional development. Nick Rizzo is a Sydney native who spent 13 years playing football at the highest professional levels. Throughout his career, Nick was a part of numerous iconic football clubs, including English Premier League giants Liverpool FC and Crystal Palace FC, as well as Italian clubs such as Ternana Calcio and AC Prado. His experience at this level of play and his knowledge of professional football makes him a valuable mentor for kids or teens interested in playing the game professionally.

      •  A range of academy programs. Football interest, talent and skill can develop at any age. We want to be supportive of that development in the next generation of players, which is why we offer programs for a range of ages, from U/6s to U/16s.

      •  A genuine love for the sport. A lot of football programs in Australia follow the ‘win at any cost’ model. They aren’t a lot of fun and can cause young players to burn out or lose their enthusiasm for football entirely. At Nick Rizzo International Football Academy, we love this sport profoundly and want to impart that lifelong passion for the game to the players we train.

The Importance of Finding the Right Football Academy

Finding the right football academy can be easier said than done. As mentioned above, some football programs are more focused on winning than they are on the long-term development of the players. We are the opposite, putting our emphasis on helping each player grow to their full potential. Here’s why our model is so valuable:

      •  We teach the fundamentals. Great football players all begin with a similar foundation of technical training and skill. While natural talent and athleticism play a role in a player’s success, learning the fundamentals of having the ball at your feet can make a huge difference in future development.

      •  We strike the right balance. Our training sessions are intense and competitive, but they are also designed to be enjoyable. Our goal is to create players who are not only extremely talented and effective on the field but also enjoy the time they spend out on the pitch.

      •  We give players inroads to professional success. A true international football academy should have international contacts throughout the football world. Nick has plenty of contacts from his days playing English and Italian professional football, and regularly uses these contacts to help top players land football academy trials in Europe.

About Nick Rizzo International Football Academy

Nick launched his football academy nine years ago, during his 2009-2013 stint with Australia’s semi-professional APIA Leichhardt Football Club. He feels gratified to have been able to continue a life in football, even after his professional playing days. If you are interested in learning more about our academy and the specific programs we offer, contact us today.